The use of video and audio equipment, along with recording software, to display creations and techniques.

Video & Audio

My equipment has changed so much over the years, with so many rabbit holes leading to dead-ends or tiny improvements in video, lighting, and audio (still a bugger!).

I use these cameras: Sony FDRAX53 Camcorder, Insta360 Link (an excellent webcam with a tiny robot inside that follows your face), and the built-in FaceTime (that green dot thingie on Apple's stuff).

For audio, I use a Shure MV7 USB. It's easy to get great audio with a simple USB plug-in microphone.


My journey to record quality videos started with QuickTime, free with Apple's Mac. But, of course, not much is free from Apple. Still, QuickTime does an OK job of recording video (FaceTime or iOS devices), various screens, and audio ... even stitching together clips, i.e., a very simple editor.

Then I discovered OBS, which is also free and can do a lot of cool stuff.

I still use OBS sometimes, but then Ecamm Live appeared. While I no longer upload so many videos to YouTube as in the past, when I do have the urge to make a video Ecamm is amazing. Why? Even with my very slow upload speed of 10Mbps, Ecamm will upload a 4K live stream. Yeah, I am not truly live streaming (with chat and all). Still, I can get a video up on YouTube in only the time it takes to shoot it, i.e., there is no waiting around for an upload to finish. Amazing! It seems instant now, at 4K, which is perfect for clearly showing tarot/oracle decks, books, or screen captures. In February 2023, I had been using it for over a year without a single issue, not a one ... it's not often I/you can say that about any software(app).

The UI looks prehistoric but I use Audacity for high-quality audiobooks or podcasts, and with only a few clicks, the MP3 file will upload to ACX (Audible on Amazon), passing all of their strict requirements.

OBS    Ecamm Live    Audacity


I share videos by uploading or live streaming to YouTube. Most of my videos have centered around displaying my tarot and oracle deck collections as clearly as possible. If others see the cards clearly, they can be informed about purchasing.

Recently, I have started sharing videos about books I am reading or have read, but not always as a review or recommendation.


Nerd Tech

For years I have struggled with having a presentable, adaptable, and nimble website. Luckily before retiring from years of computer programming, I had never worked on projects involving user interfaces (UI). I find it tedious to get the layout and colors just right, so to speak, and deal with users (I'm kidding). So I spent years lugging around and wrestling with jQuery and Bootstrap, which are great for UI, but for me, it's so easy to forget those types of bedeviling details.

Recently, W3.css appeared, a tiny CSS file containing most of the stuff in Bootstrap but simpler to understand. W3.css was released for free use in 2015 and has mostly stayed the same over the years. This never appeared on my radar ... what was I doing? With a bit of JavaScript code, I can now do everything possible with jQuery and Bootstrap, well, everything I did before. Even a simple tarot app. In fact, this website has been completely redone using W3.css, so if you have a website (like free on Github) and are allowed to do your own CSS. I recommend W3.css as a "A Quality Alternative to Bootstrap ... W3.CSS is Smaller, Faster and Easier to Use."

You may have noticed that I only linked to my YouTube channel on this webpage because I do NOT have any affiliation with the products or websites mentioned above. Plus, links to other websites change over time. However, all can be revealed with a google search.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke